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Classic/Silver Credit Card

More about: Classic/Silver Credit Card

Why do I need this?

  • You have access to credit when it suits you
  • You can purchase goods and services over the counter as well as online, locally and globally
  • You get a competitive interest rate
  • The budget facility enables you to pay off your debt over a period that suits you best(6-60 months)
  • You'll receive Visa Global Customer Assistance Services (GCAS)
  • You won't pay transaction fees when you swipe, anywhere in the world
  • Lost Card Protection guards against non-PIN related fraudulent transactions
  • Chip n Pin protects you against fraudulent card use on Point of Sales Terminals
  • inContact helps you maintain your budget on every swipe.
  • Debt Protection is available to you
  • You have access to free travel insurance

What can I do with this?

  • You can take advantage of the 55 day interest free period
  • You can swipe it world-wide any time, at 22 million merchants and 2 416 000 ATMs displaying the Visa Logo
  • You can opt for the Balance Transfer option to help consolidate your debt (budget facility)

What will it cost?

Please see our Personal Pricing Guide

Do I qualify?

FNB Credit Cards are available to:

  • Salaried individuals
  • Self employed individuals (provide audited financial statements)
  • Individuals with a net income greater than P1 500

You can use this at

  • Merchants/Shops
  • ATMs
  • Online Banking / Shopping
  • Cellphone Banking
  • FNB branches
  • Worldwide

Required Documents

  • A copy of recent payslip
  • Three months bank statements (if you do not bank with FNB)
  • ID (certified copy)
  • Passport, work permit and residence permit (certified copies for non citizens)
  • Confirmation of physical address
  • Employment contract
  • Confirmation of Marital status
    - Marriage certificate
    - Form A if married OUT community of property
    - Form B if married IN community of property
  • Spouse consent (if married in community of property)
  • Personal balance sheet

Download the Application Form

Download the Limit Increase Form

Contact Details

Contact Number: +267 395 9881 used for all credit card related correspondence such as:

  • Account maintenance instructions
  • Queries, complaints and compliments
  • Enquiries
  • And any other business