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Foreign Currency Account

Save in foreign currencies

A Foreign Currency Account (FCA) is an interest-bearing foreign savings account that can be held in any one of four major currencies; namely, the South African Rand, US Dollar, British Pound and the Euro.

What you get

Free of charge

Transfers made from pula accounts into FCAs are free of charge

Choose how to withdraw

Funds can be withdrawn in pula, foreign currency or direct bank transfer

Hedge against currency fluctuations

Savings held in foreign exchange are not subject to local currency fluctuations

Cost and returns

Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly on fixed deposits


What you can do

Hedge against local fluctuations

  • Earn interest on foreign currency fixed deposits.
    The higher the balance on the account, the higher the interest earned.
  • Save in foreign currency and hedge against local currency fluctuations.

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Foreign Currency Account

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