Director's documentation

  1. Certified copies of directors' identity documents (Omang for citizens, and passport and permits for non-citizens)
  2. Marriage certificates
  3. Proof of physical address


Company details

  1. Cash flow forecast for the next 12 months
  2. Directors' personal balance sheet (to provide proof of ownership)
  3. Company profile
  4. Where the security offered is in the form of property, provide a copy of the title deed and latest valuation report
  5. Certificate of Incorporation, share certificates, list of directors
Generator Finance
Beat the power blackout
Why do I need this?
Generator Finance gives you access to finance to purchase power generators for individual or business use. This finance is designed to help you minimise the impact of load shedding.
What can I do with this?
Generator Finance offers you backup power to keep the wheels of your business running during load shedding.
Applying made easy
Generator finance
Qualifying Criteria
  1. You need to be an FNB client
  2. This finance is for both individuals and businesses
Ways to apply
Visit your nearest FNB branch

Call WesBank on 370 6599
Documents needed
Note: The standard loan application processes apply.