Hello big saver, when is your next deposit?

Save for the things you want today, with Poloko.

Saving for your goals is so easy with Poloko Savings Account.

It has become more important than ever to save for those unforeseen expenses in life, and First National Bank (FNB) has the right solution to help make saving easier. Discover Poloko Savings Account.

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Get more than attractive interest rates with Poloko

In Setswana Poloko means "saving", but at FNB it becomes a structured card-based savings account that can help you save for the lifestyle you want.

Why do we need this?

  • Save for unforeseen expenses
  • Earn attractive interest rates
  • Get 24-hour convenience banking at any of our ATMs

What can I do with this?

  • Earn interest that is calculated on your daily balance and paid monthly
  • Start earning interest from a minimum balance of P500.00
  • You get one free withdrawal per month
  • Each additional withdrawal attracts a charge

Poloko, designed for serious savers

The Poloko account is designed for those who are serious about saving - be it young investors who want to watch their money grow, or mature customers looking to secure their future, by ensuring that their savings work hard enough.

How to become a Poloko account holder

To apply for Poloko account, call in at your nearest branch of FNB and do not forget to bring your identity documents.

For more information, call your nearest FNB branch, where we keep one eye on your future and the other on your immediate needs.

Contact Details

Contact any of our branches throughout the country for fast and friendly assistance.

To apply for Poloko account, call in at your nearest branch of FNB do not forget to bring your identity documents