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What happens if I lose my FNB CashPal debit card?

  • You must report your lost card immediately at the FNB Student Service Centre on campus
  • If you are not on campus, or if you lose your card after hours, you must call +267 395 9881
  • FNB will immediately cancel your card
  • To get a replacement card you must apply at the FNB Student Service Centre
  • Your replacement card will be available for collection from the FNB Student Service Centre on campus four days from the date of application
  • You will be charged P65.04 for every lost card replaced and the charge will be deducted directly from your student bank account
  • You can still use online and cellphone banking platforms to do other banking transactions.

Terms + conditions

Please note

  • The staff of FNB will be on campus to assist students with opening accounts
  • No allowance will be paid if you don't have an FNB student account. So make sure that you open the account
  • Student cards are not acceptable proof of ID
  • All business conducted at the FNB Student Service Centre will require that you produce your Omang for identifcation.

Student Account

Who says students can't be financially savvy?

FNB Botswana has developed an account package tailor-made to suit your needs and lifestyle during your time of study.

Why you need this

You get access to superior banking services

Student Account holder

As a transmission account, you'll be able to:

  • Receive your allowance
  • Transact at any ATM using an FNB Visa Electron debit card
  • Pay for goods and services at any Visa point of sale
  • Enjoy free subscription to inContact, Cellphone Banking, Online Banking and the FNB Banking App
  • Make cardless withdrawals
  • Pay2Cell and pay to eWallet
  • Save with Savings Pocket (Save your ChangeTM)

What happens when you graduate?

Congratulations! You have achieved one of life's major milestones.

FNB has just the package you need. You will be upgraded automatically. Visit your nearest FNB branch to receive a new debit card and a complimentary package courtesy of FNB Botswana and see your education pay off.

FNB Student Service Centre

We are here to help

Our FNB Student Service Centre operates during advertised banking hours to assist FNB student account holders. Please note: No over-the-counter withdrawals or any other over-the-counter transactions can be carried out at the Student Service Centre.


Account opening and closure


General query handling

Lost card

Debit card replacement and collection

Quick help

Lost debit card reporting

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Affordable banking

  • There is no fee to open this account
  • You will, however, pay P2.00* for every FNB ATM transaction. Transactions include withdrawals, deposits and balance enquiry
  • You will pay a transaction fee for using the ATMs of other banks at a rate of P5.00* per transaction locally and P25.00* per transaction worldwide
  • You will pay a P1.00 transaction when you use your CashPal debit card at a point-of-sale device to pay for goods and services
  • All other charges are as per Personal Pricing Guide

* These rates may change without notice


  • Plan ahead, the fewer the transactions, the lower your fees
  • It is cheaper to use an FNB ATM

What's hot

More services we offer to simplify your banking

Network of ATMs

Our national network of ATMs offers you cash withdrawal, account management, and cardless services.

Online Banking

Register for FNB Online Banking and enjoy the convenience of 24-hour access to banking services, anywhere in the world.


Register for our free inContact service and receive an SMS message every time a transaction goes through your account.

Email statements

Get your account statement sent directly to your email address as a PDF file attachment.

Prepaid cellphone account top-up

Use your FNB CashPal debit card to top up your Mascom prepaid cellphone account. Dial 109 and do away with scratch cards.

Getting it made easy

Student account

Qualifying criteria

  • Be a student sponsored by the Government of Botswana
  • Receive your allowance through this account
  • Be registered and issued with a student number

Ways to apply

Call me back

Other ways to apply

Contact us

Find a branch

Documents needed

  • Have a photocopy of your Omang and an original Omang card for verifcation
  • Sign an application form to be supplied by FNB