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Tips on saving fees

Tips on saving fees from FNB will help you keep your bank costs down. Learn how bank fees can be reduced and avoid penalty charges.


Banking choices

Which banking choices are the most reasonable?

We believe in giving you the choice of how to do your banking, so we do not charge you any subscription fees for Online or Cellphone Banking. This means that you can choose to bank using the ATM, the internet or your Cellphone - without worrying about monthly fees.


Keep these guidelines in mind

  • ATMs, Online and Cellphone Banking are more cost-effective than branches.
  • Use FNB ATMs wherever possible to avoid paying extra charges for using other banks' ATMs.
  • You can save on cash deposit fees by asking others to pay into your account by electronic transfer.
  • At Visa and Visa Electron enabled outlets, you should pay with your FNB debit or credit card rather than with a cheque. It's safer, cheaper and more convenient.
  • Depositing cash at an FNB ATM is free, so use an ATM to deposit cash instead of an FNB branch.
  • Prepaid purchases, such as airtime, through any of FNB's electronic channels are free of charge.

Penalty charges

You can control your fees

Make sure that there is enough money in your account to cover all transactions. This way, you can always stay within your account limit and avoid penalty fees.

Look after your ATM cards to avoid unnecessary card replacement fees When depositing a cheque, make sure that the cheque is not post-dated; there is a fee for each unpaid or post-dated cheque you deposit.