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Business Credit Card

Finance your business

The FNB Business Credit Card is designed as an expense account for business executives and company representatives for local and international use.

What you can do

A multi-functional business credit card

  • Was designed as an expense account for business executives and company representatives
  • Is ideal for local and international use
  • May be used for all expenses, including air tickets, car hire, and hotel and restaurant bills
  • Pay the master account via debit order, Online Banking transfer or cash
  • Limits may be increased temporarily for overseas travel
  • Each card gets a detailed monthly statement
  • Accounts must be settled 25 days after the chosen statement date
  • Extended credit, revolving credit and interest on credit balances are not available
  • For added security we will issue you with a chip & PIN credit card

What's hot

All in one

All your business cards are linked to one account

Flexible credit

Offers each user a credit limit that can be altered

Free travel insurance

Free travel insurance when you purchase air tickets with your Business Card

Choose statement date

Select one of three statement dates - the 3rd, 15th or 27th of each month

Includes master statement

Also comes with a master statement that includes all the company's business card expenses

Lost Card Protection

Lost Card Protection against the fraudulent use of lost or stolen cards

Getting it made easy

Business Credit Card

Qualifying criteria

  1. Company must have been in existence for 12 months
  2. Have a business account with any bank for at least 12 months

How to get it

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Other ways to apply

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Documents needed

  • Company certificates, form 2 (list of directors) form 3 (certificate of incorporation), form 5 (location of company)
  • Certificate of registration only for sole proprietor
  • Resolution letter on company letterhead
  • Audited financial report
  • Copies of ID or passports and permits for non-citizens
  • P90.08 administration fee

Documents needed for additional user

  • Complete application form
  • Resolution letter
  • Copy of ID or passport
  • P90.08 administration fee

NB: for all business applications at least two directors have to sign the mandate and section 2(resolution) on the form has to be completed.