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Standalone & integrated POS

What we offer

Standalone POS

  • We use Verifone and Ingenico devices
  • Connectivity methods: GPRS, Wi-Fi, internet line
  • Value adds: Cashback and RCS card acceptance

Integrated POS

  • Integrated to till software systems to automate card transactions
  • Quick approval rate
  • VeriFone 820 terminals

Value adds

  • Low device rentals and rates per transaction make it more cost-effective for any business
  • Daily settlement reports sent to email for ease of reconciliation
  • Bill folders, tally rolls and decals can be ordered and delivered at NO cost
  • FREE comprehensive device and fraud training
  • Enriched functionality: all our Speedpoint devices are enabled to accept Cashback

Merchant Services

Accept Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards for payment

Merchant Services enables you to accept Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards for payment. FNB offers you a wide range of terminals to choose from.


What this is

Take your business to the next level

Merchant acquiring or point of sale (POS) enables retailers to accept Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards for payment.

Products & services

Track sales & inventory as they occur

State-of-the-art computerised systems that allow small and large business to track sales, day-to-day cash flow, manage inventory and can help business owners run their business smoothly.


Integration to merchant website's payment page to enable online payment through Mastercard and VISA card

Recurring payments

MOTO transactions enablement to collection merchants (cash loans, furniture stores, insurance companies)

EFT FNB switch

In-house EFT FNB switch by FNB

Standalone & integrated POS

Choosing a point of sale system, standalone or integrated?

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Value adds

With us, you get more than just a system

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What's hot


Automatically obtains authorisation for the transaction

Commonly accepted

Our POS terminals are EMV compliant (this means they accept smart cards and magnetic stripe cards)

Protect your business

Checks credits/debit cards against the hot card list

Easy business practice

Automatically deposits daily takings into your company's FNB cheque account on the next business day


Accepts all Visa and MasterCards

Manage inventory

Help you run your business smoothly

Getting it made easy

Merchant Services

Qualifying criteria

Each applicant needs to have the following to qualify for Merchant Services Products.

  1. Legally Registered Business/ Company
  2. Business Account with FNBB
  3. Habitable premises of operation with visible signage

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