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For further information please feel free to contact us on the details below:

Mabedi Morake-Maripe

Head - Public Sector
Tel: 3706321
Cell: 72653321

Matilda Sebonego

Relationship Manager Public Sector
Tel: 3706468
Cell: 71235324

Mokgwathi Rhoo Mannathoko

Relationship Manager - SOEs
Tel: 3706320
Cell: 71771728

Verily Keadumela Tebele

Relationship Manager - Public Sector
Tel: 3706230
Cell: 72100234

Who falls under Public Sector

The Public Sector Business portfolio at First National Bank of Botswana is made up of the Government/qausi-government related entities, Embassies and Private Schools.

  • National Government
  • State Owned Entities
  • Local Government
  • Embassies
  • Private Schools
  • International & Non-Governmental Organisation

Payment Solutions

  • Electronic creditor payments
  • Electronic salary payments
  • Card payments
  • Cash and cheque payments

Value Add Solutions

  • Employee packages

Collection and Receipting Solutions

  • Over the counter deposits
  • Incoming electronic payments
  • Debit order payments
  • Credit Card payments for FNBB only
  • ATM, cellphone
  • High volume processing
  • Reference Validation

Cash Management Solutions

  • Detailed cash management reporting
  • Sweeping and target balancing
  • Real time transfer of funds

Funding Solutions

  • Bridging, assets and infrastructure finance
  • Collaboration with other financial institutions

Investment Solutions

  • Direct Dealing facility
  • Call Account investments
  • Money Market accounts
  • Fixed Deposits account
  • Other Investments ( Fixed Deposit account options)

Insurance and Assurance Solutions

  • Short-term insurance

Forex and Trade Finance

  • Letters of Credit
  • Guarantees
  • Foreign Currency Accounts

Dedicated Relationship Manager

  • One stop calling shop
  • Visits at your office
  • Extended opening hours
  • Dedicated banking

Operating Accounts

  • Primary Operating account
  • Investment accounts
  • Dedicated service team
  • 24 hour response on queries
  • Electronic statement facility
  • Real-time notification of movement of funds
  • Full transaction referencing (option)
  • Electronic imaging facilities

Debit and Credit Card Solutions

  • Point-of-sale (POS) transactions

Public Sector

Services specific to the public sector

Public Sector Business is one of four subsegments within FNB Business segment at FNB Botswana. Our role entails managing the relationships with all government and quasi-government-related entities, embassies, private schools and international and non-government organisations creating avenues for the product houses to do business.


At First National Bank we recognise the government as a key player in driving both the social and economic development of this country. We also recognise the uniqueness of the government in the way they do business, hence our focus in this sector. The government's battle is to ensure that everyone receives basic services.

Our role is therefore to partner with the government in providing efficient and effective delivery of banking services. We have developed a range of comprehensive solutions to take care of the public sector's unique financial and administrative needs in payment, funding and cash management. This ultimately enables the government to focus on what they know best, i.e. the provision of services.

We have the technology and ability to process the huge transactional volumes that are typical of Public Sector Business. Our payment and collection solutions are one of the primary tools that we offer in enhancing government efficiency. In addition we offer collection solutions that also updates onto the system of the organisations to ease on reconciliation.

We pride ourselves in tailor making solutions for all different entities that we serve.

Who falls under Public Sector


Private Schools

Most of the focus in this sector is on tertiary education where the government of Botswana made a call to support local tertiary institutions by sponsoring students in country instead of outside. Public Sector Business continues to develop these institutions and provide them with solutions to efficiently serve this industry.

Private School solutions

  • Overdrafts
  • Overdrafts Commercial Property Finance (development & expansion of schools)
  • Reference Validation (payment and collection of fees through various convenient platforms)

State-owned Enterprises

Client-centric solutions

State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) are institutions that are wholly-owned by the government and are run as separate business entities or service institutions on behalf of government. They are established by an act of parliament to execute specific mandates and are governed by boards of directors who reports to a minister.


Service and solutions

FNB caters for all your banking requirements

We have identified the following solutions, amongst others, which our offering is designed to cater for:

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Public Sector

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