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To process a Cashback transaction on the terminal just follow the prompts. The transaction flow is very user-friendly.


What is the cost or return?
There are no additional charges. Standard ATM and point-of-sale transaction fees apply.

Does this include local and international debit cards?
At this stage, only FNB Debit Cards can be used.

What type of terminals will be able to accept/process Cashback?
All FNB terminals.

How will the merchant know if a debit card with Cashback functionality is presented?
The terminal will prompt the offering when the identifed/activated cards are presented for payment.

Does a Cashback transaction reduce my ATM withdrawal limit?
Yes. Your daily limit will decrease with every Cashback transaction up to the limit set by the cardholder's issuing bank

How do I process a Cashback transaction on the terminal?
The transaction flow is very user-friendly. Just follow the prompts.

Why does FNB offer Cashback?

  • Customers in rural areas who don't have access to ATM facilities will be able to make use of this facility
  • It increases the foot count into your store and limits the cash in store
  • Customers are exposed at ATMs and will be safer in an in-shop environment
  • Sales will increase because the customer has to make a purchase to withdraw cash
  • Shop owners will save on cash deposit fees


Buy + withdraw in one

Cashback from FNB allows you to make a purchase with your FNB Debit Card and draw cash in one transaction.

What this is

Buy + withdraw conveniently

With Cashback option from FNB, you can make a purchase with your FNB Debit Card and draw cash in one transaction. Simple, easy and convenient.

  • Shop and withdraw cash at the same time
  • Make a maximum Cashback withdrawal of P2 000 per day

Note: This facility is available only at selected FNB point-of-sale terminals


How to do it

Advise in advance

With Cashback facility from FNB you must advise the cashier if you need cash with a purchase.

Know your PIN

If you need cash with your purchase, you will be required to enter your ATM PIN (personal identification number) on the point-of-sale terminal.

Limits apply

You now need to make a minimum purchase of P50 and a maximum Cashback withdrawal of P500 per transaction.

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