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Are you registered?

To activate inContact, you need to be registered for Online Banking.

Register for Online Banking

To register for Online Banking is easy

  1. Go to the FNB Botswana website
  2. Access Online Banking and login fields at the top of each page
  3. Select 'Register'
  4. Select the button next to 'Personal Banking'
  5. The system will prompt you during the registration process to enter your valid bank card (Debit or Credit Card) 16-digit number and PIN
  6. When you have registered for Online Banking, the FNB Call Centre will contact you within 48 hours to verify your identity
  7. Once the Call Centre has verified your identity, you can start using the Online Banking services

You have access to inContact

Login to the website and select 'Services' then 'inContact'.


Keep track of all your transactions

With inContact you can keep track of money going in and out of your account for FREE.

What this is

Manage money + prevent fraud

inContact is an innovative messaging system that allows you to keep updated with your account balances, helping you manage your money and prevent fraud on your account. The inContact service sends you a message via SMS or email each time a transaction (above P100) is carried out on any of your FNB accounts, at no extra charge.

  • inContact is a FREE service
  • Keep track of your financial transactions as they occur
  • Identify any unauthorised transactions on your accounts
  • You will only receive your inContact messages for transactions above the threshold
  • You will only receive messages for transactions on accounts that belong to you
  • You will only receive your inContact messages for transactions over P100
  • inContact will not send messages for transactions on accounts which you access via a link or mandate
  • If you would like to receive SMS alerts outside the country's borders, international roaming must be activated with the applicable mobile network operator

How to use it

Flexibility to choose

You can choose how best you want to receive activity
on your account. It's safe, secure and for free.

Choose when

You can decide when to receive messages − either from 7am-8pm or 24 hours a day

Choose amounts

Always be notified of transactions that exceed an amount specified by you

Choose accounts

Select the accounts you want to link to inContact notifications

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