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The Bank of choice delivering innovative solutions and a superior customer experience.


We are a Bank of Excellence with an exceptional team, continually outperforming by offering innovative financial services and solutions. We create sustainable wealth exceeding ALL stakeholders' expectations.

In 2011/2012 the Bank's expansion footprint strategy resulted in the opening of the 21th Branch- Airport Junction in Gaborone. One of FNB Botswana's strategic focus is to continuously penetrate areas where the Bank has no presence with the "Brick to Clicks" strategy which is well aligned to maximize the benefits of technology whilst simplifying the lives of customers. Some of the "bricks to click" inventions include eWallet, internet banking, Bank Your Change, FirstPay Portal, cellphone banking and the latest: FNB Mobile ATM.

In the ATM front, the Bank operates a network of 130 ATMs and over 4,000 point of sale devices. The extensive network of ATM's is conveniently positioned across the country, whilst the ATM uptime has been consistently maintained above 97%.

The Bank prides itself in the ability to deliver service excellence to meet and exceed the brand promise of "How can we help you?" The Bank has segmented its business into Consumer, Wholesale and Public Sector in order to give further focus and attention to clients' unique needs in the different segments. Each segment is accountable for the client relationships and for delivering a unique value proposition to its clients. The FNBB Wesbank Division is the only Asset based Finance Company in Botswana that offers a one-stop-shop benefit to its Clients and Dealers by positioning the Sales and Service bankers on the Dealer's floors. Wesbank also offers private to private finance (one individual buying from another) and floor-plan facilities to the Dealers, which further differentiates FNBB, as none of the competitors have the same offering. Over and above the aforesaid, the newly created Distribution Channel provides for greater focus on clients as all customer interacting businesses are now strategically positioned under one area.

The Bank executive its corporate social responsibility through the FNBB Foundation which is one of the biggest corporate donors and a leader in CSI not only in the financial services sector but also in the country. Established in 2001, to date the Foundation has invested more than P29 million in various social responsibility projects, enriching and uplifting the lives of many people in need across the country. Annually, the Bank contributes up to 1% of profits after tax to the Foundation. An extension of the Foundation's commitment towards the community is the Staff Volunteer Programme which is an initiative that affords the Bank's employees and opportunity to identify and donate funds to a project of their choice in their respective localities.

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FNB Botswana is the largest commercial bank in the country. We provide a full range of banking services to individuals, businesses, large and small through our array of technologically driven services.

Our corporate finance division, RMB, provides corporate and investment banking bespoke solutions.

Through an extensive nationwide branch and automated teller machine (ATM and ADT) network, as well as self-service channels such as Cash Plus and digital platforms: Online Banking, the FNB App and Cellphone Banking we provide our customers with convenient access to banking solutions around the clock.

We pride ourselves in being a helping hand in our communities. The FNBB Foundation, is a vehicle through which we support in social and community development throughout Botswana.