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Sound Money Management

The Gold Account is an extensive money management tool that gives you complete peace of mind. It is convenient and provides a full range of electronic services and up-to-date information on your account. More importantly, it opens the door to the bank's spectrum of services

Convenience and Security Management

Making payments electronically (Online Banking, Cellphone Banking and POS) is convenient as well as secure. Regular payments such as DSTV subscriptions and insurance premiums can be made by using debit orders and transfers to meet monthly commitments on loans or savings accounts. Your salary will be credited to your account electronically which means that you do not have to wait for the funds to be cleared. You will have immediate access to your salary. Regular monthly statements will give you a complete record of all transactions.

Electronic Banking Facilities

Every Gold Account holder automatically receives a Gold Debit Card, which gives you access to all FNB ATMs countrywide as well as any ATM worldwide where the VISA Electron logo is displayed. Account payment and transfers to other accounts such as Credit Card, Savings Account and Personal Loans can be made online, on Cellphone Banking and at any FNB ATM machine. In addition, mini-statement can be obtained at any time. This is 24 hour banking at its best.

Personalised Cheque Books

Our personalised cheque books provide you with a counter foil to record details of cheques issued, making the reconciling of your account simple. We encourage you to use our electronic platforms to transfer funds faster and more securely.

Free Banking Option

Apply for our free transaction option. Maintain a minimum balance of P5000.00 and get your transactions free from a service fee. Free banking does not cover business accounts, foreign transactions, cash deposits and ATM withdrawals. All other charges are per tariff. If your balance falls below P5000 during the month all charges will accrue for the month.

Online Banking

This is an electronic Banking Solution offered by FNBB that relies on Internet facility to carry out banking transactions for account holders. This service allows individual account holders to enjoy 24/7 banking convenience in the comfort of their offices or home.

Cellphone Banking

You can now transact anywhere through your First Cheque Account. Cellphone Banking gives you peace of mind and allows you to make payments, transfer funds between accounts and purchase airtime anytime.


An innovative and free electronic messaging service which enables customers to monitor transactions on their account, using either email or cellphone Short Messaging System (SMS).

Premier cheque account

Premier is the new Platinum

It is more than just a name change. FNB Premier clients will have access to high-end crafted client services through a team of bankers whilst continuing to enjoy all the value that FNB Premier Banking has to offer.

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  • Savings Pocket + Bank Your Change
  • Easy + convenient banking with a pricing option to suit your needs
  • Bundled pricing to assist manage your fees

What this is

Exclusive services to make banking simple

One-stop banking

Premier Banking from FNB is your one-stop shop for banking convenience if you have an FNB Platinum Cheque Account or Platinum Credit Card. Your own dedicated Premier Banking service is complemented by exclusive access to a team of Bankers at the Premier Suite

  • A Platinum debit card
  • Access to a credit card and overdraft facility (Credit Ts & Cs apply)
  • Relationship manager
  • Access to a team of bankers
  • Service suite to take care of your banking needs
  • Access to a team of fiduciary services

Premier benefits

The Premier account is designed to give customers exciting benefits that match their lifestyle and their aspiration on the world of banking. We understand that you are focused on financial excellence which is why we provide hassle-free banking to support your financial wellness and wealth creation goals.

  • Foreign Currency account (ZAR & USD)
  • Dynamic investment products-unit trust, share investment and offshore investment
  • Insurance cover for you and family members
  • Priority services at teller points in all branches
  • Preferential rates on Personal loans

Team of bankers

You matter to us

Your team of dedicated Premier Bankers at the Premier Suite are your point of contact with FNB for all your banking needs.

Your dedicated Premier Service means that with one phone call or email, your team of Premier Bankers can:

  • Answer and facilitate all your general banking queries
  • Process all your Credit facilities
  • Assist with all your Investments with FNB
  • Support you to get the most value out of your banking
  • Facilitate all your Home Loan and Vehicle Finance applications
  • Assist you with all your home, personal or car insurance
  • Assist you in arranging Forex with FNB
  • Provide fiduciary services such as assistance with Wills preparation , financial advisory services and estate Planning


Unexpected expenses?

An Overdraft is a short-term financial solution ideal for covering unforeseen expenses and is available on application.

An overdraft is a fluctuating facility which reduces with your monthly deposits, and is immediately available again, up to the approved limit. There is no minimum monthly repayment required, as long as you remain within your agreed limit and make regular deposits (such as your salary) into your Cheque Account every month.

Your overdraft will be reviewed on an annual basis and credit fees will be provided upon application.

Overdrafts are subject to a monthly fee if a specified excess of the facility is used. If the Overdraft is not used, then no monthly fee is charged


Bank Your Change

We innovate to help you save

Bank Your Change is a new feature available on your Personal Lifestyle Account and it will help you to grow your balance in your linked Savings Pocket. This feature is an innovative way to help you to automatically save your 'left over' thebes when you swipe your FNB Debit Card.

Step 1 - How to register

Existing and new FNB customers can go to their nearest branch to activate Bank Your Change.

Step 2: How it works

Eg: When you swipe your FNB Debit Card for groceries worth P223.20; Bank Your Change rounds off bill to P224; You save up to 80 thebe, which is transfered into your linked Saving Pocket.

Step 3: How to save more

Select a top-up amount (P2, P5, P10 or P20) If you choose P20, We add to rounded off amount as follows;P20 + 80t = P20,80. Amount goes into your Savings Pocket

Step 4: Access savings

You can transfer money from your linked Savings Pocket to your Cheque Account for FREE. Your Savings Pocket is accessible via FNB Internet Banking, Cellphone Banking and at any FNB ATM

What's hot

Premier banking defined

Easy withdrawals

Use cardless withdrawals to get cash efficiently

Quick and easy

Pay2Cell allows you to send money directly to someone using just their cellphone number

Safe payments

Pay to eWallet allows you to make safe and convenient electronic payments

Access to credit

Get access to FNB Personal loans and Credit Card

Bundled pricing

Get a matching debit and credit card

Travel benefits

  • Visa Merchant Offers
  • Medical and Legal Referrals
  • Global Cardholder assistance (emergency Cash supply travel)
  • Discounts in certain hotels
  • Travel insurance cover with your Platinum credit card
  • Extended warranty on goods purchased with the VISA Platinum card
  • Purchase protection

Getting it made easy

Premier cheque account

Qualifying criteria

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Earn between P25 000pm - P50 000pm or be a Young Professional.
  3. The following professions qualify you for Young Professionals:
    • Actuarial Science
    • Architecture
    • Chartered Accountancy
    • Engineering
    • Law
    • Medicine (Medical Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Chiropractors + Vets)

How to get it

Apply now!

Other ways to apply

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Documents needed

  • Omang
  • Proof of residence (in your name, not older than 3 months)
  • Latest payslip /last 3 months bank statements (for overdraft applications only)