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Do I have to be a First National Bank of Botswana customer to get Agricultural finance?

Not initially but you will be required to move your banking business to FNB

What is required to apply for Agricultural finance?

We will require the following to enable us to consider your application:

  1. Business plan inclusive of your financials for past 3 years (if older than 6 months- management accounts are to be provided)
  2. Cash flows for ensuing 3 years
  3. Personal balance sheet
  4. Company or personal profile
  5. Purpose and duration of loan finance required
  6. Proposed security and proof of ownership, should you wish to offer us your farm or other properties
  7. The actual Title deed and valuation not older than 2 years on the security offered, the bank will arrange such valuation at full cost from the account of the client
  8. Company documentation
  9. Certified identity documents and marriage documents (if applicable) for each shareholder or owner of the project

Where do I apply?

At any FNB branch throughout Botswana or directly through FNB Agricultural Division.

What is the maximum amount of loan I can apply for?

FNB does not set a prescribed limits on finance applied for, we will consider each and every case on its merit. It must be noted that larger loan applications might take longer to get approved.

What is the maximum time limit of repayment of finance?

The maximum time limit of repayment depends on the finance required, in the event of purchase of farms and ranches the bank will be prepared to consider repayments up to 15 years, all other loans range between 1 to 7 years depending on assets or working capital financed.

What is the Interest rate payable for loans and finance applied for?

Rates depend on your individual risk profile and business plan provided. The interest rates range from prime to prime plus 18%.

What payment options are available for Agricultural Business loans?

We can offer loan moratoriums and structured / scheduled payments to align with the cycle of your Agricultural Business.

Can I get financing for drilling boreholes and / or fencing my farm?

Yes. Loans will be considered up to a maximum period of 5 years for a borehole and 5 years for fencing of farm.

Must I provide insurance for the assets financed?

Yes, the bank requires that the Assets are adequately insured or insured via suitable security offered. Where insurance is a condition of granting of the loan the cover is to be maintained for the full duration of such loans.

Does the bank allow for top-up of loans and restructure of finance?

Yes the bank will allow for top-up or restructure and this is available upon application and approval of such requests.

Can I link in my loans or finance in to existing Internet banking held with FNBB?

FNBB provides full internet services and we are able to link all your banking business accounts into one easily monitored Internet banking profile enabling you to control your finances and cashflows at the click of a button.

Am I able to get a Debit Card on my Agricultural Banking account?

Yes, FNBB offers all the normal banking facilities available to our clients.

How long will it take to obtain approval for finance required?

Your application will be processed and approved within 14 days of such application, payout will depend on perfection of security offered.

Will the bank consider takeover of finance from other institutions?

Yes, provided that we have all the facts and figures at hand

Contact details

Agriculture Business: +267 370 6116