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Business Flexi Fixed Deposit interest

  • Interest is calculated on a daily balance and paid monthly in arrears
  • Interest rate increases or decreases become effective immediately
  • Interest can be capitalised or redirected to an FNB account or to another financial institution
  • The interest rate is linked to the prime rate

Business Flexi Fixed Deposit

Access your investment

With FNB Commercial's Business Flexi Fixed Deposit account you can make a deposit at any time while saving up and growing your investments.

What you can do

Add to your payments

  • You can make additional/ regular deposits of any amount
  • Only 1 day notice period required
  • Two withdrawals allowed during the 12-month term, subject to a maximum of 15% of the available balance per withdrawal
  • Statements available on request

What's hot

Easy to save

By offering you a Flexi Fixed Deposit account from just P100, we're making it easy for you to save for your goals and grow your hard-earned cash.

Linked rate

This is a 12-month investment account where the interest rate on any given day is directly linked to the prevailing prime overdraft rate.

Keep a balance

Minimum opening balance of P100.00 (No interest earned on balances below P100.00)

No ceiling

No maximum balance

No fees

No fees or charges applicable

Short term

Deposit term of only 12 months

Getting it made easy

Business Flexi Fixed Deposit

Qualifying criteria

  1. You must be KYC compliant (have been checked by the bank)
  2. You must have a minimum opening balance of P100.00

How to get it

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Other ways to apply

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