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Instant Accounting Insights

Your business's performance in charts + reports

Get a monthly snapshot of your business's cash flow, income and expenditure.

What this is

Support, training + reports for free

  • Instant Accounting Insights analyses the information in your bank statement and uses known merchant information and standard categorisation rules to provide you with an approximated snapshot view of the performance and health of your business.
  • Instant Accounting Insights provides you with easy to understand charts and reports (in PDF format sent to you via email) including cash flow, and income and expenditure reports.
  • The financial analysis information you receive is personalised using information from your electronic bank statement but provides an approximated view only using known merchant information and standard categorisation rules. For a more accurate, customised view, you can log into the system to correctly re-assign certain transactions.
  • Subscription to Instant Accounting Insights is FREE and includes free reports sent to your inbox that can be customised once you register on the system.
  • You can also register for access to the full Instant Accounting system - which is also free of charge.

What you can do

Monthly reports

You can receive these reports monthly to see how your business is performing (Note: We plan to make these reports available more than once a month on request).

Cross solution

You can use Instant Accounting Insights by itself (even ifyou use a different accounting package) or you can use it in conjunction with our full Instant Accounting offering.

Snapshot view

Either way, these reports will provide you with a very early view of how your business is performing to enable you to make informed business decisions.


Getting started

Option to register

To receive Instant Accounting Insights, all you need to do is register to receive your bank statements via email.

You can do this in one of the following ways:

  • Calling your branch; or
  • Selecting this option on your Online Banking Enterprise™ Profile banking
  • Completing a form in an FNB branch

Getting it made easy

Instant Accounting Insights

Qualifying criteria

  1. Have an FNB Business Account
  2. Be registered for FNB Online Banking Enterprise™

How to get it

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Other ways to apply

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