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FNB Homeowners Cover

Get the right cover for your home

Your home is one of the biggest investments you may ever make. Protect yourself from unexpected costs incurred for repairs from damage to your home*, outbuildings and swimming pool caused by fire, lightning, and other perils.

*Excluding any structure under construction.

Get FNB Homeowners Cover for any event

We want to ensure that you are always protected and will cover you for the reasonable repair or replacement for loss or damage caused to your home.

Malicious or intentional damage

Caused by someone outside of your household.

Burglary, theft or attempted theft

Following forcible and violent entry or exit.

Other losses or damage

Damage caused by animals, falling trees, satellite dishes, aircraft, vehicles, and drones.

Acts of nature

Such as storms, floods, wind, water, hail and snow.


Unrelated to mining activities only.

Fire, lightning and explosion

Damage caused by a fire, lightning storm, or an explosion.

Water systems

Damage caused by burst, leaking, or overflowing of water apparatus and pipes; also includes fixed oil-fired heating apparatus.

Liability to the public

If you become legally liable to pay compensation for accidental death, bodily injury, illness or accidental loss or damage to property up to P 1 000 000.

Unconventional cover

that helps you navigate the most unanticipated circumstances

Damage to gardens

If your home is damaged due to an insured event and your garden was affected simultaneously, we will cover the necessary and reasonable costs of replacing and redefining your garden and/or repairing the sprinkler irrigation system.

Fire brigade charges

If your home is damaged due to fire, we will indemnify you for costs incurred by authorities to extinguish the fire.

Affordable premiums

As with any form of insurance, many factors impact your risk profile and consequently your premium.

Let us help you get the best cover for your budget.