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All your foreign exchange needs

Connect with the world with Forex on the FNB App. Make international payments, send and receive money from abroad, invest in foreign currency, add beneficiaries and view FX rates, all on one platform.

Explore what you can do

Once-off global payments

Make cross-border payments in a wide range of currencies.

Global transfers

Transfer funds between your local Pula current account and your Global Account. (Available in 4 currencies: ZAR, USD, EUR, GBP).

Add international beneficiaries

An efficient way of organising and paying people, without having to fill in their banking details every time you make foreign exchange payments.


Discover the benefits of SWIFT

We use the SWIFT method of transferring funds and guarantee a secure, fast, standardised transfer service.

Enjoy access to:

  • Forex services from a mobile device
  • A convenient and cost-effective forex payment channel
  • A wide range of currencies
  • Competitive fees
  • No requirement for mobile data to execute a forex transaction