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FX online

Cross-border transfers from the comfort of your couch

Use this platform for your cross-border transfers.

What this is

Transfer across the world

FX online is an online platform which allows for crossborder transfers of local and foreign currencies. This can be used by individual clients and corporate customers (single authorisation) making cross-border transfers of local and foreign currencies.


How to use this

Conveniently availalble at your leisure

You don't need to go and submit your telegraphic transfer forms to the bank/branch, you can perform online transfers at your convenience; from the comfort of your home or office, 24/7.

  • For individual account holders, upon registration, one has to complete a validation form and the activation will be done by the service consultant at the branch.
  • For registered corporate clients, an indemnity form is to be completed by the sole signatory, and brought to the branch.

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FX online

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