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  • Download the latest version of the FNB Banking App for smartphones from your app store.

  • Open the app and link your Online Banking Enterprise™ profile, using your Online Banking Enterprise™ username.
  • Ask your administrator/s to authorise your smartphone linking request. They then need to login to Online Banking Enterprise™ from their PC and follow the simple steps below:

    Select 'Profiles'

    Select 'Device Linking Requests' on the Profiles Dashboard

    Select 'Accept Link'

    Select 'Yes' to accept the request to link the device

    Select 'Work in Progress' and then 'Authorise' to authorise the user changes

How to link another user

If you have a personal account with FNB or if you already have the Banking App for smartphones installed for your personal use you can also now link your business user to this app easily.

  • Simply select 'Login' on your personal Online Banking App
  • Select with 'Login with another user'
  • Select 'Link another User'
  • Insert your Business Banking 'user ID'
  • Enter your required business user 'Nickname'

This makes it easy to identify which banking profile you want to use at any one time. Contact your business Administrator(s) to authorise your device linking using the steps detailed above

Tip: If you have already linked your business profile to the app and now want to link your FNB personal banking profile before being able to access, you will be required to enter a One Time Pin to authorise this linking.

To use the app:

  • Login selecting the user you would want to be your default user, either 'Personal Profile' or 'Business Profile'
  • If you then want to login with the other user, select 'login with another user' and select 'Confirm'
  • Login to use the selected profile to transact

Not registered yet?

If you would like to discuss any of these new options or discuss any other aspect of using Online Banking Enterprise™, please contact our Call Centre on 061 299 2187.


  • Simple, easy banking - all you need is an internet connection
  • All our services are available online
  • App provides you with access to the most important services a business would require on the go easy to navigate and a natural extension of your banking on a PC


  • The FNB Banking App uses X.509 digital certificate technology that turns your smartphone into a smart card.
  • Your unique username and password provides the 2 Factor Authentication.
  • FNB Banking App's digital certificates are stored in secure hardware on the smartphone or tablet that cannot be tampered with.
  • FNB Banking App security also has mechanisms that prevent other apps from gaining access, so it cannot be intercepted or reverse engineered.
  • All app stores have strict submission processes to ensure no fraudulent company or apps are published within its stores.

Note: If you Jailbreak or ERoot* your device to bypass the security technology. you place yourself at a risk and in these curcumstances the bank cannot accept responsibility for the consequences.


  • Banking anywhere, anytime, 24/7
  • With access to view your account, you remain in control
  • View your statements wherever you have an internet connection
  • With Online Banking Enterprise™ you can authorise, make payments, view account balances, make transfers, view transaction history and so much more

Online Banking Enterprise™ on smartphones

Manage the needs of your business

Have your own FNB branch wherever you have access to the internet and manage your business's money 24/7 on your smartphone.


What this is

Building your business

Online Banking Enterprise™ is like having your own branch wherever you have access to the internet. With Online Banking Enterprise™ you are able to have access to and manage your business's money 24/7 without having to visit a branch.

What you get

A world of features


Simple, easy banking - all you need is an internet connection

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FNB is able to manage user access

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Banking anywhere, anytime 24/7

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Online Banking Enterprise™ is now available on your smartphone

Banking on the go

Now on smartphones

Have your own FNB branch wherever you have access to the internet and manage your business's money 24/7. Download the FNB Banking App for free and do all your banking the way you've been doing it online.


Access on your fingertips

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Getting it made easy

Online Banking Enterprise™ for smartphones

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