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  • Login to FNB Online Banking at and click on 'Settings' (found in the top menu)
  • Registered InContact customers can register on their cellphone by simply dialing *130*321# or*103*321# and select the 'More Features' option and then "Continue" option.

For any queries call E solutions on +267 395 9881.

Cellphone Banking - fees and charges

inContact Free
Buying prepaid airtime Free
View the history of all my prepaid airtime Free
Check the account balance on all of my accounts Free
Get a mini statement Free
Transfer money between my own FNB accounts P3.21
Make a payment to any account or anyone else P4.54
View the history of all my payments Free

Please take note:

  • FNB reserves the right to amend pricing from time to time
  • Pricing correct and current at time of printing
  • Pricing may differ based on account you hold
  • Standard network operator rates apply
  • Terms and conditions apply

How much prepaid airtime can I purchase?

Customers are able to top up their airtime for any amount, provided that the airtime top-up is within the minimum and maximum prepaid airtime values sold by the service provider without exceeding your prepaid daily limit, i.e.

  • Mascom, Minimum P10 and Maximum P250
  • Bemobile, Minimum P10 and Maximum P250
  • Orange, Minimum P5 and Maximum P250

What do I need to have to register for FNB Cellphone Banking?

To register for FNB Cellphone Banking you need to have:

  • A valid Botswana cellphone number
  • A qualifying FNB account

Can I register more than one cellphone on my account or more than one account?

No. For your security you can only register one cellphone number to one of your FNB accounts - which is your primary account.

What is a MOPIN?

A MOPIN is your 5-digit FNB Cellphone Banking PIN you will be required to select at registration. Please remember to keep your MOPIN secret.

How secure is FNB Cellphone Banking?

Your security is our first priority. FNB Cellphone Banking provides you with several security features ensuring your peace of mind!

Security features include:

  • Automatic registration to inContact, FNB's free messaging service that notifies you immediately of any activity on your FNB account
  • full money back guarantee in the case of Cellphone Banking fraud, provided that the inContact service is active and that reasonable care has been taken to protect your access details
  • Only the cellphone number registered for FNB Cellphone Banking can access the Cellphone Banking service
  • You can call the Cellphone Banking Helpline (+267 395 9881) to put a hold on your Cellphone Banking service if your cellphone is lost or stolen

Set daily transaction limits:

  • P500 daily limit for prepaid airtime purchases
  • P100 000 daily limit for transfers between your own FNB accounts
  • P10 000 daily limit for third party payments to anyone or any account

What happens if I have made an incorrect purchase?

  • The terms and conditions for this service state that FNB is not liable for incorrect purchases made by you the customer
  • FNB includes a confirmation screen on your cellphone prior to you accepting your transaction. This confirmation is meant to ensure that you are happy with your transaction
  • Unfortunately we cannot reimburse you for the transaction

Which number must I use to authenticate myself?

For MOPIN authentication always dial *130*321*MOPIN#

Which accounts can I obtain balances on?

A balance enquiry can be performed on any of your valid FNB accounts. That includes transactional accounts such as a cheque account and non-transactional accounts, for example a loan account.

Can I obtain a balance on only one account at a time?

You can obtain balances on individual accounts or make use of our Cellphone Banking feature that allows you to see the balances on all of your accounts at once.

Which account will be debited when I do a 'Balance All' enquiry?

The account that you have chosen as your default account when registering for FNB Cellphone Banking will be the account debited.

Which accounts can I get mini statements on?

Mini statements can be obtained for transactional accounts as well as for all prepaid transactions, for example your cheque or BOB save account.

Which accounts can I transfer funds to and from?

You are permitted to do fund transfers between any of your own valid FNB accounts.

Cellphone Banking

Fast, safe + secure

Cellphone Banking from FNB is for anyone with any cellphone. All you need is a cellphone and a qualifying FNB transactional account.


Bank any time you want

With Cellphone Banking from FNB you'll have the freedom to live your life while saving time on banking. There really isn't a quicker and easier way to manage your money.

Benefits of banking on my cellphone:

  • It's as simple as sending an SMS
  • Any cellphone make or model can be used
  • No special SIM card requirements
  • No complicated downloads
  • No changes to your cellphone settings
  • 24 hour banking convenience - you can bank wherever you are, whenever you want
  • Transactions occur real time
  • Registration is quick and free
  • Zero subscription fees

What you can do

Buy prepaid, transfer money + much more

  • Buy prepaid airtime for yourself or someone else
  • View a list of your most recent prepaid cellphone airtime purchases
  • Check balances on one or all of your accounts
  • Get a mini statement (reflects last 5 transactions)
  • Transfer money between your own FNB accounts
  • Make third-party payments
  • Receive real time confirmation of financial transactions (inContact)
  • Maintain your Cellphone Banking details


Registering made easy

Cellphone Banking

Qualifying criteria

A valid cellphone number and one of the following qualifying accounts:

  1. Transmission Account
  2. Call Deposit
  3. First Cheque Account
  4. Credit Card (First, Silver, Gold, Platinum)

How to get it

Register now!

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